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Message from the new IPLASS President

On September 3, 2022, I was excited and honored to be elected President of IPLASS. My affiliation with the Society dates back almost a decade, and I served as past Treasurer.

This is an enormous privilege for me, but also a very big responsibility which I hope to fulfill.
I hope to continue the work of previous Presidents - Prof. Ornella Parolini and Prof. Cesar Borlongan - and work together with the Board and members to enable the Society to fulfill its objectives and flourish in a fast-paced and sometimes challenging environment.

Together with the IPLASS Board, we will continue to provide a stimulating space for critical debate on core issues relating to placenta-derived cells and their derivatives. 


I look forward to making this coming year full of growth and productivity by creating opportunities for discussion of new frontiers on our research, and foster collaborations and synergies that will generate an integrated scientific effort to fully comprehend the therapeutic potential of placenta-derived cells and their derivatives. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President.


Antonietta R. Silini

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