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IPLASS is an international scientific organization which is open to scientists who are working in, or who have previously worked in the field of placenta-derived stem cells.


IPLASS was established in 2009 by a group of fourteen scientists representing nine different Countries (USA, China, Australia, India, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland), with the purpose of becoming a worldwide networking platform for research into placenta-derived stem cells.


The main objective of IPLASS is to promote research on all aspects related to knowledge, experimentation and clinical use of placenta-derived stem cells.

To this end, IPLASS aims to create a network between the groups which are scattered all over the world who work on stem cells derived from placenta, and to bridge this placenta network with other existing networks focused on stem cell biology or therapeutic applications.

Additionally, IPLASS provides benefits and functions which are not provided by any other placenta-derived science societies operating at a national or regional level, including organization of a bi-annual meeting, maintenance of an informative web site and the promotion of a staff mobility action.

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