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Membership is open to scientists, medical doctors, and stakeholders

actively engaged in the field of placenta-derived stem cells.

IPLASS membership can be obtained under the following categories:

  • Full Membership: Researchers who are working in the field with different backgrounds (Biology, Medicine, Veterinary, Pharmacy, etc), who have a PhD and/or MD, or who have held any other type of degree for at least 7 years. The cost for a Full membership is 50 Euros.

  • Young researcher: Post-doctoral scientists who have completed their PhD within the last 5 years, or researchers who have completed any other type of degree within the last 7 years. The cost for a Young Researcher membership is 20 Euros.

  • Student: Graduate students, medical students, or PhD students who are pursuing a course of study in a program relevant to placenta-derived stem cells. The cost for a Student membership is 10 Euros.


Annual membership will commence on January 1st and will terminate on December 31st.  

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